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Security + freedom

We provide fast and secure VPN services. We let people use this service without any commitment. Just sign-up with an email address and start using it. We hope users can make a small contribution, in any amount, to cover our server costs. 

The monthly bandwidth limit is 5GB. Users can get an extra 500MB per month for each friend (up to 5) they refer to us.  


We are a group of young engineers with a simple idea that everyone should be able to access the internet freely and securely. We started in 2018 with a small VPN server for our friends and families. And we are now extending it to a much larger audience. ​

Compared with big VPN providers, dockVPN utilizes many tiny servers based on Docker technology. As each server only serve a relatively small number of customers, this enhances security and flexibility. Instead of charging a monthly fee, we rely on our users' voluntary contributions to sustain this service. We believe that users will love this service enough to support it for the long term. We do not monitor or log web traffic. There is no limit on the number of devices you can use. 


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